Inspired by National Poetry Day 2019
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To celebrate National Poetry Day 2019, the girls were busy practising their poetry writing skills. We welcomed visiting poet and editor, Rachel Piercey. The pupils had an exciting time creating their own individual poems as well as whole class poetry with Rachel. The girls were invited to explore many themes such as myths and legends, hope, truth and space. Huge thanks to Rachel for her expertise and to Mrs Deverson for organising this event.

With National Poetry Day taking place in October, pupils have also been reading and writing poetry in their English lessons on themes such as Ancient Egyptians, The Aurora Borealis, bullying and more. Wellbeing day also inspired some of our pupils to write poems. Here are some examples. 

The Dark Side of Truth, by LIIE

The clock ticks and stutters,

Time flies by.

The necklace hisses,

I am trapped, ignored, lonely.

The rose whispers haughtily,

You are no match for my beauty

Pick me at your peril- my thorns are my guard.

The tap flows,

Shhh everyone, let me rest.

Sadness ours out,

My jealousy for joy

Will last forever.


Ancient Egypt by Amelie (IH)

Pharaohs fighting bold and brave,

In a dusty hot cave.

Ruins of the Egyptian life-

All are buried man and wife.

Many are rowing very hard,

In a boat as long as The Shard!

Danger! Mummies are right here,

Solid tombs are really near.


Aurora Borealis by Isla

Rapidly racing across the midnight sky,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

Lilac, olive and mesmerising sapphire

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

Rising up like spirits into heaven

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

My heart lifts at the thought of them!

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

Flowing across the sky like a green river

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

An infinite void of cascading rainbows

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

I wonder where they are going.

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

My soul forever following the heart-warming sensation

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.


Wellbeing Day by UIH

The day was flowing when we came to do some sewing,

The colours of thread filled our heads.

We picked up the paper and needles from the piles,

And carefully sewed some colourful spirals.

The blanketed gym mat felt soft and flat,

When we peeked around, everyone was on the ground!

The teacher was talking and nobody was walking,

We all sat there staring, relaxed and without caring.

Wow! It’s Yoga class, we are so excited- it’s going to be a blast!

We’re having fun, so bang the drum!

Let’s get going and start flowing,

Child’s Pose and Baby Cobra- probably the best in Yoga!


Pyramid by IE



High stone

Structure where

Pharaohs lie sleeping,

Ready in wait for their after-life

Wearing their ornate death mask and

Valuable jewels in sparkling green, blue and gold.

Waiting for their souls to come back to their bodies

Surrounded by every precious treasure they used to own.

Hoping to use them in their next lives which they believe in

On the west side of The Nile in the tomb, hoping to meet their Gods and Godesses

Anubis, Osiris, Isis, Ra, Harthor, Horus... Who will it be? They have to lie and wait to see...