Immersing in Spanish Culture in Salamanca
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In February 2020 half term, a group of us embarked on the annual GCSE Spanish trip to Salamanca. We flew to Madrid on Thursday afternoon, and then got on a coach which took us to the ISLA School in Salamanca, where we were met with enthusiasm by our host families. Most days, we spent a few hours in a Spanish language school. This sounds like a lot, but it went really quickly as we had two different teachers who were really fun and engaging. In addition, we had plenty of breaks when we were allowed to leave the school and go and grab a coffee and some pinxchos (Spanish snacks) and then spend the rest of the day sightseeing and taking part in various activities. One morning, we had ‘churros con chocolate’ in a café for breakfast, we made our own tapas dishes, and we took a flamenco dancing class.

One of my favourite things about this trip was the independence we had, which was hugely different from past school trips. We had hours of free time every day to explore the Plaza Mayor, a large square in the middle of Salamanca (which had the best and cheapest frozen yoghurt I’ve ever eaten) and to go around the shops. Most days, our host family made us lunch and dinner. All of the food I ate was delicious, and we spent our meal times chatting to Florencía (the host woman) in Spanish who was lovely and very patient with our stilted Spanish!

Para las chicas que están pensando en ir el próximo año: este fue honestamente el mejor viaje escolar en el que he estado, y las otras chicas están de acuerdo. Nuestro habla ha mejorado mucho y ya estamos planeando nuestro viaje de regreso a Salamanca, así que si puedes, anímate a ir!

By Nuala (UVQ)