8 students linked in a balance
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The 2019 Gym Display 2019 was a resounding success with the students and squads taking parents on a trip to the Circus! Performing over two nights, it was an epic display of gymnastic skills, choreography and entertainment.

The nights began with the Trampoline Squad flying high, performing synchronised pair routines. The Acro Squad followed next ‘Building the Tent’ with amazing balances and tumbles alongside beautiful choreography.

All class routines were designed and choreographed by the students themselves with some help from their teachers. UIVY & UIVX were the Ringmasters, UIVL & UIVM were Strong Women, LIVX & LIVY were Human Cannonballs, LIVL & LIVM were Jugglers & Hula-Hoopers, IIIK & IIIS were Happy Clowns, IIIU & IIIJ were Mime Clowns, and IIIL & IIIT were Silly Clowns! All of the classes developed excellent routines and showed real creativity in their performances.

The Junior Gymnastics Squad Trio performed a stunning routine as Fire breathers, the Senior Gymnastics Squad Pair were Tightrope Walkers, the Junior Gymnastics Squad performed a delightful routine as Circus Animals, and the Senior ISGA Squad were Puppeteers. There were also two individual routines, the Junior Gymnast was Martha (UIID) who performed as a Ribbon Dancer, and Charlotte (UVIE) was a Magician. The show was closed by the Senior Gymnastics Squad with a Grand Finale.

A huge well done and congratulations to all of the girls involved in the Display. It was a huge success and a pleasure to put on for family and friends!


All images by Big Image Photography

Students in triangle formation holding one student up
students jumping
students knelt down in a formation doing jazz hands
8 students linked in a balance
student in side splits balancing on her hands
Student doing star jump off a trampoline
2 students knelt down balancing another student on their knees
3 students making a tower to balance each other
student balancing on her head