Great Opportunities - Third's Team-Building Weekend
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A vast array of mixed feelings burst around us: excitement, joy and fear. Great opportunities lay ahead of us and challenging moments would occur but we all knew that we were going to have a marvellous weekend away!

We are given the wonderful opportunities to meet other girls, make plenty of friends and participate in a number of stimulating activities.

It all started on the deafening coach journey singalong - I had never come across such a variety of songs being sung in a two hour space of time but before we knew it we had arrived at our destination: PGL Liddington.

The next day began with the buzz of excitement. Strapped tightly in our harnesses, my partner and I slowly ascended. The sun dazzled down onto us and the trees -which we were now the same height as- were rustling gently. Within moments, we were gushed forward and back again and a wonderful feeling grew within me.

On the following day, there I was, standing on the brink of the tower and my heart thudding unbearably. Below me were my classmates but from here, they seemed to be specks. However, I was here to challenge myself. I was here to be 10% braver. I was in PGL Liddington. And before I knew it, I had soared off at a remarkable speed. The cloudless sky glinted above me and a warm breeze broke surface with my face. I had never felt this way before - full of life and exhilaration!

PGL was a break-free to discover more about ourselves and the others. It has given me the opportunity to bond with other girls that I haven’t met before and create memories together. Memories that would last forever.

By Anabelle (IIIL)