Golden Goal - Hampton vs. LEH Charity Netball
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On 29th January, Hampton and LEH came together to partake in the annual charity netball match. The UVIth 1st netball team were against the Hampton 1st football team. This charity event is one of many that we are organising to raise money towards our school charity War Child. War Child is a charity that helps children that are affected by war and their mission is to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in the wars that are going on around the world.

The Charity netball match has always been a popular charity event, and it was shown by the amount of people that came and supported their chosen side. The match began with the LEH girls steaming ahead, however at half time the Hampton boys managed to draw level. In the last quarter it was even, and it was hard to see who would win. The side lines called time, just when the Hampton boys scored a goal and the LEH girls were 1 ahead at this point. A game of rock, paper, scissors decided whether the referee would include the goal. The Hampton boys won, so it had to go to golden goal. It was Hampton’s centre pass, which soon had been turned over by the LEH girls. Luckily for LEH, we scored a goal and won the match 8-7. We managed to raise lots of money for the School’s charity and thank you for everyone for participating and watching.

By Izzy (LVIG)

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