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On 5th February, the LV Drama students took part in an incredible physical theatre workshop run by a member of Frantic Assembly, the theatre production behind such shows as ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ and ‘Things I Know To Be True.’ We focused on learning how to create a physical theatre sequence and how to turn that sequence into part of a larger piece of devised theatre.

To start the workshop, we completed a shortened version of Frantic Assembly’s professional warm-up, which prepared us physically for the rest of the day. This was then followed by an activity in which we combined simple movements and counts to show how dramatically effective visuals could be created easily using very simple techniques.

Our instructor then taught us multiple moves, including pair and group lifts, which we could use in the sequences we created later that day and when devising in the future. From there, we began devising different sequences. The instructor varied our creations using different points of focus, the size of our groups and types of motion influenced by what we were basing them off: a room of failing gravity, drawing ‘flightpaths’ around a partner, or affecting a person using the verbs ‘Connect; Effect; Disconnect.’ This helped us to expand the knowledge we had of how to vary our physical theatre pieces and exactly which manoeuvres caused different effects on an audience.

Our final step was workshopping. As a group, our instructor helped us to develop a piece of movement for each technique we studied using lighting, music and text to show how physical theatre can build and add to a narrative. This helped us understand as an audience which techniques caused a certain effect and how to develop physical theatre sequences into a piece which will enrich the narrative of a devised scene.

The Frantic Assembly Workshop was one of the best experiences I have had so far in LV and I can confidently say I have learnt far more than I expected to in one day. I cannot wait to utilise the skills I have learnt in my Drama GCSE.

By Amy (LVQ)

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girls holding up another girl
girls holding up another girl
Girls holding up another girl
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