excited junior girls at Snuff mill
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On 16th October, LII had a wonderful time outdoors in the October sunshine, during their visit to Snuff Mill Environmental Centre. The girls had a lots of fun hunting for mini-beasts and pond dipping and were very pleased to find a giant earthworm!


We went to Snuff Mill to investigate invertebrates. We looked under logs for animals like millipedes, centipedes, aphids and worms. We checked the temperature underneath the logs and the light heading using a data handler.

Keerthana (LIIB)

When we first arrived we received our sandwiches and sat on a nice dry area to eat them. I personally liked river dipping best because we used fishing nets and swirled it around the edge of the river trying to catch invertebrates.

Advika (LIIB)

The best part was when we examined the creepy crawlies! This trip was fun, adventurous, scientific and exciting. It was so cool and I loved the invertebrates!

Sophie (LIIB)

The adventure I went on was river invertebrates where we found lots of water fleas, an interesting creature we had to investigate and one of my friends found a leech. We then went to see the soil invertebrates. There were many woodlice, millipedes, centipedes, two slugs hugging, earthworms, a beetle larva and many more. We used tools such as a brush, a spoon and a pot with a magnifying glass. We went home exhausted.

Anoushka (LIIE)

First we went to find aquatic insects so we could record them. My group found an insect that the instructor had not seen for eight years! We also found a massive earthworm! The spider was very fast and therefore very hard to catch. I really liked this trip and I wish we could have stayed there longer.

Zuri (LIIE)

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excited junior girls at Snuff mill
carrying out investigations of pond creepy crawlies
carrying out investigations of creepy crawlies under wood