Conquering fears at PGL
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On a wet Wednesday morning on 25th September, the whole of LII set off for the adventure of our lives. The coach journey was approximately 1 hour 30 mins and our hearts were racing with excitement. To get us pumped up we sang a few songs repeatedly to make us smile, and the teachers groaned in exasperation. Before we got off the coach, the teachers organised us into our eight dorms of six and our four groups of 12 for activities.

As we stepped off the coach, we marvelled at the sight before our eyes. There was masses of equipment, but we could not pay attention to the action that was going on around us because Emmison, our instructor, was leading us through our activities for later on. Now we had to prepare for our first activity, which we were all looking forward to.

When we got back from changing into appropriate clothes for our activity, we noticed a large structure, which we later knew as the giant swing, standing tall within the pillars. Our next activity was raft building. It was fun building the rafts and even more exciting when we got onto them and pushed them in to the lake. We played a few games on the rafts. It was a struggle trying to push the rafts back to shore. One of the groups capsized so everyone fell off the raft and had to kick whilst pushing the raft back to shore, which took a while. When we got out we were all freezing but luckily we had nice warm towels waiting for us. Before we could get wrapped up, we had to get our helmets and life jackets off but because they were so tight and wet, it took forever. We finally got them off and were soon having a nice warm shower, fighting over who went first. We finally all came to an agreement and did dibs.

Once we were all nice and clean and had changed, we were called to line up so we could go and get firewood for our campfire later on. We spent about 30 minutes in the woods. It was hard because it had been raining during the day so it was all wet but we needed dry wood for the campfire. We eventually got enough. Then we went to have dinner. It was burgers so we all got excited. Once we had had our dinner, when we went back to the woods it was getting dark so we went to get our torches. Once we got the fire going, we sang campfire songs. We all requested ‘Moose Alpaca’, which was our favourite.

It was 8:30pm when we all got back to our dorms. We were asked to clean our dorms, which were all pigsties. None of us could get to sleep because we were all exhilarated for our next day of fun activities.

The next morning we were woken up by the teachers. We got dressed and went off to breakfast. It was a full English breakfast which we were all very happy with.

Once we had eaten we set off for our activities. On Thursday we were doing zip wire, trapeze and archery. The first activity was archery and we were taught the safety rules first as we did with all the other activities. Although the bow was quite heavy we still managed to do it. Mrs Hurley was the only teacher who managed to get a bullseye and two girls managed to hit the target as well.

The second activity was zip wire and this got our hearts pounding in our chests. We wore safety helmets and harnesses and waited in a queue for our turn. When we got on to the zip wire we zoomed down and even though it was only a few seconds long, it was of the best experience at PGL. After this we had lunch.

In the afternoon, the third activity was trapeze, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Like the zip wire we were told the safety rules and then we started. You were attached to a rope which was pulled up by your friends. Once you got to the platform, you jumped off and tried to touch a white ball. We each got one go. Some of us were scared, but we all managed to do it.

After our activities, we got changed and cleaned up for dinner. After dinner we had whacky races. We were split into three groups. We all had lots of fun staying up late and fighting for first place.

The next morning, we woke up nice and early so we could make the most of our last day. None of us wanted to go home. And we went to breakfast as usual.

In the morning we all did the giant swing. We had to wear a harness and we went in pairs. You were strapped on to a metal bar, and the worst part was that our harnesses were our seat. Everyone else pulled you up to the height you wanted and then one of you would pull a string and you would go flying. We had just eaten so we all felt a bit sick, but we were all screaming through the tree tops.

We were sad to leave but we were happy to see our families again. We were all very tired but we had had a great adventure at Marchants Hill.  

By Anya, Holly, Lottie, Priya and Tabitha (LIIE)