Celebrating Languages and Cultural Diversity
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A much-loved feature of the school calendar, Languages Week once again this year showed the multilingual LEH community at its very best.

We kicked off with the now traditional Thirds’ Fashion show, which was a wonderful riot of colour. Over the course of the week, Upper School and Sixth Form students were busily engaged in poetry and translation workshops during their language lessons, while the LV were challenged to a Vocab Express competition on Thursday. 

As well as enjoying different dishes from around the world during lunch in the dining hall throughout the week, students got to grips with quizzes devised by our fantastic Lower Sixth languages reps. We also had our first ever multilingual ‘Just Dance’ event for LIV in the hall on Friday, and our Languages Mufti Day saw students and staff donning the national colours of their favourite countries and languages, a vibrant end to a week of celebrating languages and cultural diversity.

By Mr Russell - Head of MFL