Careers Evening 2020
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Yet again the LEH Careers Evening was a great success with over 60 delegates in attendance, many of whom were LEH alumnae or current parents. They were there to offer the students advice on their various career paths as well as provide information for work experience and potential opportunities. Delegates came from a wide variety of industries, including veterinary, dentistry, medicine, civil service, finance, marketing, charities, barristers, lawyers, TV producers, artists and scientists. Many of the delegates came from highly esteemed companies including J.P.Morgan, PWC, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Cancer Research UK. The evening was very rewarding for all students who attended as they learnt not only about their future career paths but also many life lessons which they will be able to expand on in the future. Thank you again to everyone who helped out at the event and to all of the candidates who gave their time for this wonderful evening.

By Olivia and Emily (LVI)


On 4th February LEH had its annual Careers Evening for students and their parents to come and gain an insight on the lives on a wide range of professionals in different careers. We had the opportunity to speak to those working in healthcare, civil service, law, marketing, finance and various other professions. As an aspiring medic, I was eager to speak to the doctors who were at different stages in their professional career. My evening started speaking to a doctor whose speciality was in obstetrics and gynaecology and I went on to speak to a paediatrician, several junior doctors and a gastroenterologist. It was hugely inspiring and fascinating to see how passionate each individual doctor was about their career; now I am really motivated to find my place in medicine and hopefully love my job just as much as the doctors I met. I loved finding out about their career progression as well as the differing advantages and disadvantages that they believed their profession carried. Additionally, seeing the enjoyment the doctors took from their careers and their everyday activities was thought-provoking .I was especially interested when the doctors told me their personal anecdotes , for example one doctor told me about a child with cancer whom she helped during her rotations and how small things, like bright colours,  seemed to make the child happy. Stories like these really encourage me to want to pursue medicine, and talking to these doctors is an amazing opportunity which I look forward to every year. Overall, the careers evening was a huge success which was immensely informative and it has helped me gather some contacts and become more comfortable with the idea of entering the career I wish to pursue.

By Zaynah (LVIA)

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