UI PRoduction of Beauty and the Beast Cast
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The UIs had a wonderful week in March, as we put together and prepared for our production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. During the week, the girls rehearsed tirelessly, learning the songs, dances and scenes, as well as helping to make props, design programme covers, and write journals about the rehearsal process. By Friday afternoon, we were ready to perform our dress rehearsal in front of the rest of the Junior School, who were a wonderfully supportive audience. The final performance to friends and family was absolutely fantastic, and the girls really shone onstage. We were all extremely proud of what we achieved during the week, and it is an experience that I know we will always remember!

By Miss Shepherd – Teacher of Speech & Drama

Photography by Big Image.

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UI PRoduction of Beauty and the Beast Cast
Belle shopping in the village
villagers and Gaston posing
Gaston and the village girls who love him
Belle with Mrs Potts and Madame Garderobe talking
Belle and friends on stage
Belle and the Beast reading a book together
Lumiere posing
Belle leaving dinner
Belle meeting the Beast
Belle and the Beast at dinner
Two students who played Belle taking theirbow at the end