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We really enjoyed being LVI Creative Directors and were excited when we heard about the project of the new science mural to help promote women in science within LEH School. The project involved attending various meetings where we discussed ideas with the design company, Leaps and Strides, of which the Creative Director of the company is an LEH alumna. The opportunity to work with her was a valuable experience and interesting to see where we could end up careerwise further down the line.

We enjoyed being able to add our own ideas and bring a younger perspective to these meetings as well as make changes to the direction of the project also. The whole process gave an insight into working with a design company and we learnt the processes involved with designing a mural.

It was really great to come back after summer and see the science mural up on the wall, reminding us of the designing process every time we walk past! We enjoyed the opportunity to help showcase science to students in younger years who we hope will feel inspired when reading about women in science, including many LEH Alumnae.  

By Emma, Michelle, Niamh and Thea (LVI Creative Directors 2018-2019)


The Science Mural is on a T junction on the first floor of the school so has proven very tricky to photograph so far. Below is also the 3-D model image from Leaps and Strides to show it in it's full glory. 

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LEH Science Mural artwork