Hollywood comes to LEH

Hollywood comes to LEH
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Hollywood hit LEH on Wednesday with our spectacular Night at the Movies Concert!! Stuffed to the gills with professional lighting effects, actors, dancers, confetti and pirate doubloons, it was a mesmerising evening of thrills to the astonishing playing of our Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra has now reached legendary status – the players romped through some incredibly demanding repertoire including Bernstein’s insane Mambo from West Side Story at full blast! We heard the Imperial March from Star Wars from our symphonic brass, visited by Princess Leia (Mrs Cole), Darth Vader (Mr Kennedy) and two stormtroopers (Mr Piper and Miss Prowse). Dr James fulfilled an apparently long held fantasy to be Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, and we had Fleur and the girls from Beauxbatons dancing to the Potter Waltz. The Woodwind effervesced their way through Nimbus 2000 with the somewhat typecast Mrs Laoutaris as a professor. ‘Do I need a costume’, she asked? ‘No – you’re fine’, we said – ‘wear what you usually wear for a normal school day…’ And as for the mellifluous strings in La La Land and their homicidal Psycho extracts – they were simply sublime. (And petrifying.) 

So many highlights, all lit like a West End Show. Stunning playing, glamorous costumes, fabulous choreography, and perfectly judged accompanying videos – this was a night to remember!


By Mrs Ashe – Director of Music 

Photography by Big Image

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