Inclusion and Diversity

students in Geography classroom

together towards inclusion

Inclusion and Diversity are key themes in LEH's strategic plan. Prejudice of any kind has no place in our school, and we will continue to work as hard as is needed to ensure that this is so.

LEH  values an inclusive and diverse community for pupils and employees as we believe inclusion and diversity improve the learning environment for everyone.  We are fortunate to be able to draw on a range of voices, perspectives and experiences and we are determined that every  pupil has an equal opportunity to flourish, no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or physical ability.

actions and intentions

  • We have identified members of SMT and Governors to oversee our Inclusion and Diversity programme and have appointed a Inclusion and Diversity Champion from among our teachers. She is now leading on initiatives with LEH pupils.
  • We have run discussion groups, led by an external moderator, with alumnae, former staff and parents to discuss inclusion and diversity at LEH. This includes how best to celebrate the history and culture of people of colour within the curriculum, and ideas for increasing the diversity of the governing body and senior leaders at LEH.
  • LEH has conducted a staff and student survey (FLAIR) to identify any strengths or issues regarding inclusion and diversity within the school. SMT and the Inclusion and Diversity Champion are reviewing those results to see how specific training sessions should be implemented.
  • The HR Department is reviewing its recruitment procedures to address any systematic issues that may discourage diversity in applicants.
  • We plan to include staff training sessions on how to embed inclusion into our daily behaviours and classroom practices, and how to challenge and discuss racism effectively.
  • The timeline below gives some examples of lectures, projects and discussions that have taken place over the past year and shares details of some future events.

Plan going forward

We have a group of enthusiastic L6 Inclusion representatives, who will be collaborating closely with the Pride and Feminist Societies on various campaigns throughout the year. Every few weeks, they come up with a presentation and activity for the pupils to participate in with a particular theme. Additionally, we have introduced the role of Diversity Rep, empowering students across all years to voice their perspectives at a school-wide level. Our inclusive lunchtime club (APoC) is open to all pupils. It is a space for open discussions, where students can also present on subjects such as heritages, festivals, and current affairs.

Throughout the year, we recognise and celebrate important events like Black History Month in October, LGBTQ+ History in February, International Women’s Day in March, and Refugee’s Week in June.

What I wish you knew 

We run an exciting, pupil led, assembly programme called ‘What I wish you knew’. This helps with creating a more inclusive environment and gives the space for all stories to be heard within schools. 

Events Programme