A Night at the Opera

On 13th November, the charming singers in The Holles Singers and SATB choirs, plus a few guest appearances, treated us to an entrancing Night at the Opera. The evening began with a rousing rendition of Verdi’s Anvil Chorus. After this, the soloists effervesced their way through arias by Purcell, Handel and Mozart captivating us with stories of characters in the depths of despair, their trials of love and even some advice on how to flirt successfully! There was a sparkling array of duets and smaller ensembles, all of whom sang with passion and verve. These were interspersed with chorus numbers: some wistful and tender, others feisty and mischievous! The whole evening was accompanied masterfully by Mr Ashe, with a little help from one of our string quartets. And as if that weren’t enough, Italian wines and canapés were bountiful throughout the night!

By Mrs Ashe – Director of Music

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